Deposit Policy


RESERVATION Non-Refundable \ Non-Transferrable 30-day Notice Transferable
Guide Trips $100.00 per boat  
Houseboats-50' $500.00 per boat  
Houseboats-60' $1,000.00 per boat  
Lighthouse 50% of Reservation or single night price  
Package Plans 50% of Reservation  
Pontoon-Bass-Ski Boats   $75.00 per day




1. Reservations-A reservation deposit of $500 per charter period is required to reserve a 50' houseboat, and a $1000 deposit is required for a 60' Deluxe houseboat. You will receive confirmation upon receipt of deposit.-Deposit must be received within 7 days of booking. Unless other arrangements have been made, your reservation will be removed without notification after 7 days.

-VISA/MasterCard/AMEX/DISCOVER, cash, personal checks, travelers checks will be accepted for deposit.

-CANCELLATION POLICY – Deposits are NOT REFUNDABLE under any circumstances.

-Deposit is promptly refundable if reservations cannot be honored due to filled schedule or condition beyond our control.


2. Payment of Charter Fee – Damage Deposit          


-The total charter fee is payable in full prior to boarding the houseboat. 

-A valid credit card (not a debt or check card) must be presented for a security deposit. We reserve the right to charge said card for any and all charges, damages, and missing equipment at any time. By signing the rental agreement you are agreeing to this statement.

-Prior to departure you will be required to sign a house boat charter agreement making you responsible for loss or damage to the boat while under your operation.


3. Departure

-You will be given a check-out cruise prior to your departure to acquaint you with the operation of the boat.               

-Your houseboat will be ready for boarding SOMETIME between 12:00 p.m. and 5:00/6:00 p.m. or as soon as our staff and maids have completed their work. You can arrive as early as you want on departure day but BE PREPARED TO WAIT until your boat is ready. If you get on it earlier than expected then think of it as a bonus. Most of the houseboats are returning the same morning you are scheduled to depart. It takes some time to clean and check these boats. You and your party may have to wait for your houseboat to be ready. The best thing to do is call us and see when your boat might be available .THANK YOU.


4. Late Departure After 5:00 p.m.       

-All houseboats must be out of the harbor at least one hour before dark to give you sufficient time to find a cove and tie up for the night. Late arrivals will spend the night on a sea anchor at the marina for your safety.


Things You Should Know

-Gasoline for operation of engines is NOT included in quoted rates. All tanks are full at departure time and refilled on return. You pay only for fuel used.

-A charge of $50 per hour is assessed for late return of houseboat.

-There is a $50 extra charge per pet on 50' boats. NO PETS ALLOWED ON 60' BOATS. AN AUTOMATIC MINIMUM OF $125 TO $500 WILL BE CHARGED TO YOU IF YOU BRING A PET ON BOARD.              

-You must provide your own life jacket for children under 12.

-Refunds will not be made on boats returned early.

-To avoid misunderstanding concerning breakdowns, accidents, or inclement weather, or loss of cruising time, we call your attention to the following policy: We check all mechanical equipment prior to your departure. You need not accept your boat until you are satisfied with your boat and equipment. However, once upon the lake, you alone are responsible for its operation. Under these circumstances we cannot be responsible for any loss of cruising time due to: mechanical failure, weather, collision, or other physical mishaps, illness or personal accidents.

-One more night option – subject to availability. Our schedule sometimes allows us to permit some of our guests to board the houseboat the evening prior to their departure. THIS SERVICE IS AVAILABLE FOR A LIMITED NUMBER OF HOUSEBOATS AND WILL COST AN ADDITIONAL $75.