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About Johnnie "Armadillo" Arellano
Master Scuba Instructor
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About Johnnie "Armadillo" Arellano, Master Scuba Instructor

When it comes to scuba diving, there's little Johnnie has not done. A graduate of the P.A.D.I. College, he is certified to instruct the following P.A.D.I. courses: Advanced Open Water Program; Advanced Plus; Medic First Aid; Rescue Diver; Divemaster; Master Scuba Diver; Altitude Diver; Boat Diver; Drift Diver; Dry Suit Diver; Equipment Specialist; Multilevel Diver; Night Diver; Research Diver; Underwater Hunter; Underwater Naturalists; Underwater Navigator; Underwater Photographer; Peak Performance Buoyancy; Underwater Videographer; Deep Diver; Search & Recovery Diver; and Wreck Diver. Johnnie has over twenty years of scuba experience combining ocean, inland, deep dive, and swift water dives. He has the unique ability to teach a very serious topic with a delightful tongue-in-cheek approach.



Search & Recovery Specialty Training
We offer special rates to law enforcement teams and other groups seeking search and recovery training. We tailor the programs to your group's special training requirements, such as blackwater, deep water, etc. Our prices are very competitive, the training is excellent, and the conditions in Bull Shoals Lake are near perfect for year around training. Call or email Johnnie for details.



Courses and Package Plans
4 Day Open Water $450
** 2 Day Advanced Open Water $425
Adventure in Diving – Training Dives – per dive $75
Rescue Diver $425
Dive Master call
4 Hour Intro $79
2 Dive Day/Night Guided – Our Boat $79
3 Dive Day/Night Guided – Our Boat $99

All courses and packages are based on

2 diver minimum per trip

** plus books if you don't have yours

Private classes avaiable for singles


Rental Equipment Deposit Required

Rentals are on a 24 hour basis

Limited Amount of Rental Gear Available


Scuba Rental Prices Per Day
A. Tank $10
B. Regulator (Gauges – octo.) $10
C. Buoyance Compensator $10
D. Weight Belt (16 lbs.) $2.50
E. Wet Suit $10
Option 1 – tank-reg, B,C


Equipment Rentals on Per Day Basis
Air Fills – Any Tank Size $7
Visual Tank Inspection $7