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December 22nd fishing report surface water temps 55 and unseasonably warm weather has kept the shallow bite going jerk baits rapala deep in natural colors around bluff wall transitions. Fishing 45 degree banks with chunk  rock can produce, work wiggle wart crankbaits or dt series raps 10 to 16 main lake points that go way out with roll off into deep water. Are producing with spoons jewel scuba spoon in white and smoke grubs gene larew rally grub are a awesome!! This is a watch your electronics and stay on the trolling motor approach. Once the school gets fired up you can catch 3 or 4 really quick. Right bite jigs have gotten the bigger bites working deeper docks and don't pass up any timber or lay downs! With more warm temps and water dropping, the fishing should stay better than average for this time of year.

Hello everybody! The lake has risen 16 feet in two days as of today 12-29-15. I believe this might be a record. It is around the 673 mark right now. The latest forecast is 682 by January 15th provided there is no more rain. Most of the area within a couple hours of us had a tremendous amount of rain over the last weekend. The water temp is still in the mid 50's but should be cooling off more with the colder temps we have been having. I don't know what the fishing is going to do yet but will keep you posted. With the lake rising as fast as it has been I am not sure what the fish are going to do. They still have to eat but might be hard to find until the lake stabilizes. Until next time!!



   Water temperatures holding around 60 degress still warmer than average. Water levels rising again with heavy rains and wind. Caught fish in the back 1/3 of the bigger creek arms if there were baitfish present, and all the way out to the main lake"junk fishing " always look for shad balls on your graph and the colder temperatures have the loons and gulls over the bait. Caught a few keepers towards the back of creek if the water has wood n color, 1/2oz war eagle sexy mouse.   

Working crank baits across points with bait rapala dt 10 in shad colors, and Right Bite Green Pumpkin orange with zoom green trailer, working windy points from 1' out to 15' . Some fish are already staging in their winter areas already catching a lot of fish L.m. S.m. And spots parallel ling vertical bluff ends, using a mega bass vision 110 in blue and a Rapala shadow rap in blue green. Spoon jewel scuba spoon if the graph shows bait, Also deeper docks close to the main channel are holding fish. Wiggle  wart fooled a few keepers today on the banks with small bluff to chunk transitions. Fish are all over the lake and the water column look for channel swing close to banks!



     October 15 fishing report water surface temps 72. The lake levels changing daily.  Where I caught fish last week it's completely dry 200 yards up the bank! The water is mostly clear, finding some dirty water can help. As the temps continue to cool down the fish are moving up back to their shallow haunts. Catching fish from secondary points in 22' to 2' all the way back to the creek ends. Don't pass up deep docks or any wood cover along the way.Bass fishing is picking up the morning bite is still producing, early top water action. Wake baits ,Zara spooks , and buzz baits. "Shallow" the fish are keying in on the shad. Watch your graph for schools of baitfish or surface activity. Clouds and wind will keep the bite going all day if the conditions are right.

      If it's blue birds and sunny try moving out to the points with gravel chunk rock mix. Near channel swings. Fish are scattered everywhere this time of year so keep moving until you find some action.   A  jewel shakey head 7/16 with a zoom worm or beaver style uv bait or a swing jig 1/2 in natural patterns, browns,greens, there's still a lot of brush out to 15' keeping the boat in the 25' range dragging back slow. Also using 1-2 right bite jig green n blue or pb&j with a paca craw or a zoom fat Albert or creepy crawler in green pumpkin or watermelon,  Also catching a few on a Keitech 3.8"swim bait or a smoke grub works slow reeling with a couple twitches thrown in the retrieve.

    Not all the creek arms hold the same numbers. Try a smaller creek to fish to see where the fish are holding and once you figure it out, look for the type of areas and repeat.

  It's a great time of year to be on the lake, with fewer boaters leaves changing, and good fishing.



Hey everybody – I hope you enjoy the report from our guide Del Colvin. I have changed software and its easier to do things now that I have figured it all out. I actually wrote several reports over the last few months but they never got to our web site. I am an idiot when it comes to changes and something new. Anyway enough about that.  The lake is almost back to normal. The water temp is still in the lower 70's on the surface. The thermocline is not consistent. the divers are reporting it anywhere from 35 to 65 feet. The visibility was not real good this last week and I think the lake was turning over which is early. Now today, the visibility is great again so what do I know. Anyway the fishing has been great for bass and walleye. The Largemouth are hitting spinner baits, buzz baits and top water in shallow water. The smallmouth are hitting crank baits, plastics and some top water anywhere from the surface to 25 feet. The walleye seem to be in 35 to 45 feet and are being caught on spoons, drop shot night crawlers, bottom bouncing trolling. The divers are seeing lots of them in this range. I expect the crappie to get good when the lake stabilizes which is predicted to be the first week of November by the corps.Not much else for now. Until next time!! – Ricky Eastwold



 Hello everybody. This report was written by one of our guide Del Colvin. Enjoy

September nth Fishing Report

Surface temps 76 in the Dam area. The core has been steadily running water. If you are fishing by the dam be sure to fish the long points with gravel and chunk rock for Smallies. 20 to 27' dragging a shakey head. Jewel or Big Strike combo with a zoom trick or tight lines uv worms natural colors watermelon ,greens and browns. Or drag a tube. Fishing has been better up the lake and in the bigger creek arms.  Fall is here and the shad are starting to migrate. Keitech swim baits fished super slow. Also catching a lot of fish on a Rite bite 1/2oz pb&j with a Net bait paca craw  also a zoom fat Albert or creepy crawl in green pumpkin. Look for points back in that flatten out in deeper water 20 to 26'. You can catch 2 to 6 fish once you get one to fire the school with get in a frenzy. Be sure to check your electronics! Also catching a few black bass n spots in the very backs especially if the water is dirty using a spinner baits with wind like war eagle mouse or sexy mouse. Crashing cover with a square bait and also a buzz bait. Black is good be sure to cover ground! For the walleye guys bottom bouncers are starting to work deeper sides of the main lake points 1-1/2oz with a worm harness in 24-26 then run 30-32 lots of short fish hopefully this bite picks up!

2015 – August 14 – Monday – fishing report –

Hello everybody!  The fishing hasn't’t changed much yet from the summer patterns but it is close. The lake is starting to drop faster and is around the 680 mark as I am writing this. It is projected to go 4 inches a day and the back to normal date is November 12th. The water temperature is still in the upper 70’s on the surface with the thermocline around the 25 foot level or so. The visibility is just ok with 15 to 20 normal on the main lake bluffs. Not much else to talk about. Until Next time!


2015 – July 15th – Wednesday – fishing report –

Hello everybody! – The lake has crested at 692.6 for now. It is 4 feet from the record set in 2011. Projection shows it hovering there for a few days and then probably starting back down some unless we get some more rain. There isn't any projected much for the next 10 days so maybe it has finally stopped raining. The summer fishing patterns are in full swing. We have been seeing the air temps in the 90's mostly during the day so the water temperature is in the mid 80's on the surface. There is a thermocline around the 25 foot level or so. You can see the current depth temperatures by clicking here. The water is still very clear even with an extra 30 feet of water. The fishing patterns are in the classic summer mode. Top water or shallow running baits in the morning and late afternoon. Most of the fish seem to be shallow at these times before as the sun is low in the ski. During the day you have to fish 25 to 30 feet deep around the thermocline and past the brush or you can fish around the large trees that are around the shoreline that have shade. The walleye fisherman are still having good success but you have to down rig or lead core troll over 40 to 70 feet of water with your baits running 25 to 35 feet deep. The night bass fisherman are still catching fish for the tournaments just before dark mostly shallow, then after dark anywhere from 5 to 30 foot depending on what type of bait you are using. Haven seen hardly any crappie and we usually don't with the high water. Too many places for them to hide. The spear fisherman are having limited success with the high water. Again, way to much brush to hide in so you have to cover a lot of ground to find the catfish. They are reporting seeing lots of small walleye which is good. This means there will be some good walleye catching years to come. Not much else to report. Until next time!


2015 – June nth – Thursday – fishing report –

  Hello everybody! Well the lake is back to rising again. We have been getting rain this last week. It is approaching the 678 level right now. It was predicted to go to 682 by the end of this month but we are getting more rain so I expect it to go higher then that. I will keep you posted. The good news is that the fishing has been great still. Spear fishing started this week and we are seeing lots of catfish being brought in. The scuba divers are also reporting seeing lots of smaller walleye. More then they normally see. That is great news for the walleye fishery. The water temps are in the low 80's on the surface with the thermocline around the 25 foot level. You can see the latest temperature graph by clicking here. Fishing patterns have stayed pretty much the same. Not many changes being reported yet. Until Next Time!

2015 – June 11th – Thursday – fishing report –   

  Hello everybody! Not many changes in the fishing since the last report. The last has crested today at 677.4 and actually started down a few inches. It is still projected to continue to keep falling as long as we don't get serious rainfall. The water temps on the surface is in the high 70's. There is a reported thermocline around the 25 foot level. The visibility is extremely clear.
  The fishing has still been great still for most species. Not much change in patterns or depths yet. I would think in a couple of weeks when the water gets warmer and the thermocline forms that there will be some changes. We are mostly seeing walleye and bass. There has been some great catfish stringers on jug lines. As I said the fishing patterns are still the same. Top water for bass early and late. Weedless baits in shallow water for bass and walleye. Plastics in 20 to 25 feet past the brush line. They are all listed below. I will update you when things change. Until next time!!

Bass-  The largemouth seem to be very shallow next to the bank running around in the weeds and brush in 0 to 12 feet of water.  These patterns are working for Largemouth bass.

 — Spinner baits are producing bass in and along the brush
 — jigs – Flipping jigs in the brush is producing fish
 — flukes and spooks and other top water baits over the brush
 — plastic worms rigged weed less and weightless in the brush

 The Smallmouth bass and Spotted bass seem to be deeper on the lake side of the brush line. They are running in 12 to 20 feet of water now. I don't think they want to compete with the Largemouth for food. There patterns are working for them. Take your boat out in deeper water and cast into the bank and try to land your baits in deeper water. The other thing to do is fish parallel to the bank and try to get your boat in 15 to 20 feet of water. This will keep your bait in the non brushy area.

 — swimming plastic baits that look like a minnow
 — tube jigs and gitzits on the bottom crawling like a crawfish.
 — Carolina rigging plastics or night crawlers
 — minnows rigged with a split shot
 — Alabama rig with plastics or minnow looking baits
 — deep diving crank baits
 — flat trolling perch colored baits
 — trolling or casting a night crawler on a split shot


White Bass – Not seeing as many whites as we were but that is normal for this time of the year. You can still catch them surfacing once in awhile chasing shad. I would suggest keeping something tied on a rod handy near by just in case the decide to surface. The night bite under lights should start any time now. The trollers are having the most luck. 

 — Anything small and white that simulates a shad will work. small white jigs, sea horses, small spoons, minnow looking crank baits, small stick baits, ect

  — Trolling in a variety of ways from the basic flat line to the deep with lead core is producing white bass  

Walleye –  There are lots of walleye coming in. Again the biggest complaint is too many small fish
non-keeper size. This is good because it means there is a lot of walleye in the lake for the future. The patterns below are working.

 — Trolling with deep diving crank baits. Try to get your bait in 20 to 25 feet of water close to the bottom.
 — Bottom bouncing with night crawlers in 20 to 25 feet.
 — bottom bouncing with a carolina rigged night crawler
 — lead core trolling in 20 to 25 feet of water
 — swimming grubs in 12-15 feet of water at sunrise and sunset although is pattern is slowing down with the water
 temp rising.  

Crappie– when I can get a crappie fisherman to show off their crappie or talk about them this is what they are saying. I know there is some being caught. Most of the brush piles are 20 to 35 feet right now.

 –– 1/32 oz or 1/64 oz jigs around the brush piles

— small minnows when you can get them

— small spoons around the brush piles.

Catfish – Lots of catfish are being caught on Jugs line with a 20-25 feet drop. The limb lines and trot lines should start pretty soon. Live bait is working well but liver, shrimp, catfish bait, stink bait, dead minnows and what every else you can think of is working.


White River:
NOTHING EVER CHANGES ON THE RIVER EXCEPT THE WATER LEVEL!!!  THE FISHING IS ALWAYS GREAT!!  This question gets asked a lot. "When is the best time to fish the river? "  The answer is anytime. The water comes out of the bottom of the lake therefore it is always very cold. It doesn't have the temperature cycle of a normal body of water. It doesn't matter if its 100 degrees out or 10 degrees out. The water temperature stays the same within a few degrees, Therefore, the fishing is always the same and always good. Arkansas stocks the White River with rainbow trout year around so the fishing is good year around. The water level doesn't matter either, you just have to change how you fish. If the water is high then you usually drift and float fish, if its low then you anchor and still fish. Naturally, fly fishing is better when the river is low. SO, COME FISHING WHENEVER YOU CAN!

White River Trout Fishing Video 2013 – by Guide Del Colvin

2015 – May 30th – Saturday – fishing report –   

  Hello everybody! Just an update on the water level and water temps. Click here for a new graph on water temperature. There is a major thermocline in 25 feet of water area. You can see the changes on the graph page. We had lots of rain in the area again over the last few days. The new forecast is 675 lake level by June 7th. We have no rain scheduled for the next week or so. The fishing has been great even with the lake rising. See below for the fishing report. Until next time!

2015 – May 27th Wednesday- fishing report –

 Hello everybody! Not much change in the fishing yet. We are getting rain but west of here on Beaver Lake and Table Rock lake are getting a lot more. That rain ends up in our lake anyway. I am told that the flood gates are open on Beaver and Table Rock right now although I haven't confirmed that. Our lake is now around the 670 level and still rising. It is projected to be 672.5 by June 7th provided there is no more rain. That is another 2 1/2 feet from where it is now. Time and rain will only tell where the lake will end up. We get projections every day on the USACE LITTLE ROCK APP that is available for most phones. You can down load the app and keep track on things on your phone if you want. Its free. The water temperature is coming up some and is in the mid to upper 60's on the surface around the lake. The scuba divers are reporting a thermocline forming around the 20 to 25 foot level. With the lake rising this might change some.

  As I first said the fishing hasn't changed much. With the lake rising there is more and more brush in the lake around the shore line. This makes for great cover for the spawn to hide in so it should be another great spawn for us. We have had several now for consecutive years and this is going to be another one. The biggest complaint I get is fisherman are catching lots and lots of small non keeping fish. Smaller fish are like kids, they are growing so they eat more and more often. Plus they don't know the lures and are easier to fool. As least we have plenty of fish to catch. So I recommend getting an ultra light action rod with 4 lb test and having some fun on that kind of rod. Just hope you don't hook a big one!! The bass patterns are all the same . The walleye seem to be moving down to the 22 -27 foot range which make sense since the water is rising and the thermocline is moving down. I have put a brief species report below after each listing. Until next time!

2015 – May 20th Wednesday- fishing report –

 Hello everybody! The water is still rising. It is up to the 668.5 level at the time of this writing. It is projected to go another 1 1/2 feet by may 31st provided there is no more rain. This is great for the spawn and little fry that are running around. They have a lot of places to hide. Not much change in water temperature. Click here for latest readings. We have had some rain on and off this week with cooler temps so it hasn't changed much. The visibility is still very good on the main lake.
   The fishing hasn't changed at all again. Probably wont with the water temperature staying constant. Still seeing lots of bass and walleye. The largemouth seems to be shallow while the smallmouth and spots are out a little deeper past the brush line. The walleye are being caught in 20 to 25 feet of water with trolling deep diving crank baits, bottom bouncing and lead core trolling. I have been having some reports of stick bait and slow retrieve swim baits late in the day and after dark. Catfish on jugs is good. Seeing a few crappie in 15 to 20 feet of water in very small jigs and small minnows. White bass are still surfacing once in a while and also being caught trolling. Like I said not much change yet. Until next time!!

2015 – May 13th Wednesday- fishing report –

 Hello everybody! Fishing has been great. The water was starting to drop several feet and on its way back to normal level. However, we got 5 inches of rain and its now on the way back up. It is around the 666 level at the time of this writing and is predicted to go to 668.5 by may 28th. That is if there isn't any more rain. The water temperature is mostly in the mid to upper 60's on the surface. Click here for latest readings. The visibility is still very good even with the lake rising.
   The fishing hasn't changed much. The largemouth bass are still in the 2 to 5 foot range in the brush on the banks. The smallmouth and spotted bass are hanging out outside the brush right now in deeper water. That would be the 8 to 15 foot range. Same patterns are working for everything. The biggest complaint I am getting is way too many smaller fish. The smaller fish are like kids. They are growing so they will eat more and more often. Change patterns, depths, baits, places ect if all you are catching is small fish. Or, pull out the ultra-light rod with 2-4 lb test and have some fun. The walleye have moved up some and are being reported being caught on stick baits and plastics in 8 to 10 feet of water. Goofy walleye. LOL. They have been in the deep pattern all spring like we have never seen and now they come up shallow. PPFFTTTTT. They are still catching them trolling deep. Another pattern that has emerged is catching them on jugs with perch as bait with a 20 to 24 foot drop. Go figure.
  Seeing lots of catfish on jugs with perch as bait. You can also use other bait such as minnows, liver, shrimp, stink bait and what ever else you can dream up. The blues and channels seem to like the "other" baits while the other species of fish like the live perch.
  White bass are still being caught back in the creeks under the surface and sometimes on the surface with any type of minnow looking baits. Make sure and keep a white bass rod tied on and handy in case you see them chasing shad.
  I am gets mixed opinions on the bass spawn. Some of them are done and some haven't spawned yet. Fisherman are reporting that some of the bass being cleaned still have eggs in them, mostly the smallmouth. I think the lake yo-yoing is have some effect on the bass not spawning but not a lot. With the water rising and all the brush in the lake there is going to be plenty of places for the spawn to hide so it should be a great spawn once again. 
  Crappie is the only species I haven't seen much of this year. But, you crappie fisherman don't show you crappie off anyway so I don't get to see many. I know a lot of crappie tackle gets sold here so there is something going

2015 – May 6th Wednesday- fishing report –

 Hello everybody! The water has started to warm up some. I have reports of the female bass coming into the bank today and the actual spawn is on. I am getting lots of reports of people catching fish but the problem is lots of small fish. I have said this before. Small fish are like kids. The are growing and require more food. They eat more often and so you will catch more of them . They seems to be plenty of action. The lake has started to drop a few inches a day and is around the 666 level or so. Forecasts have it back to normal by the middle of May depending on the rain fall. Water temp is on the 60's most places. Click here for the latest chart I have got.
   The walleye fishing has been fabulous. But its not the normal patterns. It is the late June pattern. We are trolling in 20 to 25 feet of water with bottom bouncers, deep diving crank baits, and/or split show a night crawler. They are deeper then normal but I am seeing lots of walleyes coming in. The rest of the fish and patterns are pretty much the same. Until next time!

2015 – April 29th Wednesday- fishing report –
 Hello everybody! Still not many changes this week. The water temperature is creeping up very slowly. Reports are the mid 50's to lower 60's around the lake. The lake has stabilized level wise for now with forecast showing a slow drop back to normal over the next few weeks. Of course that is depends on what rain we get. The visibility is at that epic awesome stage that we have in the spring. You can see 30 feet to the bottom here at the marina.
   Reports of lots of bass on the beds around the lake. You can see several here at the marina on the beds. There has been two on separate beds by the ramp leading to the office for over a week now. It seems most of the Largemouth are 2 to 5 feet of water back in he creeks and main lake pockets. The Smallmouth and Spotted bass are in deeper water from 8 to 20 feet on the banks. Fishing has stayed about the same. The patterns haven't changed much at all and probably wont until the water warms up and the thermocline forms.
   The only change is the walleye. We are starting to see some caught in the 20 to 24 foot range with bottom bouncers and night crawlers. Everything else is the same and listed below. Until next time!


2015 – April 22nd Wednesday- fishing report –
 Hello everybody! There has been a few changes this week. The first one is that some of the bass have went on the beds. There is a couple spotted bass in 5-10 feet of water on beds right by the walking ramp attached to the main marina. They went on the beds at the end of last week. I think this is great news because the lake is stable right now so we should have a great spawn. As of right now the lake is hovering around the 668 level. Forecast shows it back to normal pool on May 10th provided there is no more rain. I am sure it will rain some before then. This will give the spawn time to get over before the lake drops. The second change is walleye fishing. We had a group from Michigan here on one of our houseboats. They are catching lots of walleye. They are using a pattern that rarely used. They are trolling with lead core line with the boat in 40 to 100 feet of water with the deep diving baits in 30 to 50 foot of water. I have seen other fisherman have success with this. It seems that the walleye have went deep and are chasing the shad in very deep water. I am seeing very limited success in the shallow fishing for walleye. Look at the picture page to see the walleye pics from all the deep trollers this week.

   The water temperature really hasn't moved a whole lot. We just aren't  getting any warmer weather or warm rains. It is still in the low to high 50's with some 60 degree water being reported. The visibility is excellent. The lake is hovering around the 668 mark and forecasted to start dropping some next week. They really don't know what its going to do until it rains.  I have updated the patterns below. Keep sending the pics and I will post them. More and more fisherman are prating catch and release so I am not getting as many pictures as I usually do here at the marina. Until next time!!!



2015 – April 15th Wednesday- fishing report –
 Hello everybody! Really not much change since last week. The water temp hasn't risen a whole lot and the lake level is about the same. The fishing patterns haven't changed much. Starting to see lots of white bass. Had a 7.2 lb walleye brought in yesterday. Lots of reports of bass being caught on a variety of patterns. See below. I will update as soon as things change. Until next time.

2015 – April 8th Wednesday- fishing report –

  click here -water temps  by the Walleye club -Pt 5

   Hello everybody! The catching has begun. As my father use to say "The fishing is always good on Bull Shoals, but the catching can be slow sometimes". Rip Dad. Anyway, we are starting to see more fish being caught. We had a nice stringer of white bass brought in tonight by the Greg Harp gang. There is a pic on picture page. The water temp is starting to rise more and we are suppose to get a warm rain on and off over the next few days. That should really turn them on.
   The lake is around the 667 level and that is 7 feet high for the new lake level but 10 feet high for the old one. Most of the shoreline has brush in the water. This makes for a great spawn but can make it tougher for fishing. Most people here are not use to fishing in the brush like some of you are. The lake has crested as of today but with more rain in the forecast I would think it is still going to rise. That is going to depend on rainfall. For those of you that can put an app on your phone u can search for "USACE LITTLE ROCK". This app is put out by the corps and will tell you forecasts and power generation for all the Little Rock district lakes. It is perfect if you want to keep up with lake levels and power generations.
   The water temp is still in the lower 50's to low 60's depending on where you take it and at what time. The warm rain we are going to get should bring it up even more. Fishing patterns haven't changed much yet. They are listed below. Until next time.


2015 – March 28th Sunday- fishing report –

   Hello everybody! Fishing is starting to take off. I have had a lot of reports of fish being caught. I haven't seen many brought into the marina yet but I have had pictures sent to me and I have posted some pictures this week of lake and river fishing. There is an epic BOW fishing picture you need to see. It is on the lake picture page.
   There is also was a huge German Brown Trout caught off the river a month ago in case you haven't heard about it. It is 38.6 lbs. I have a picture on the river picture page. I didn't get many details but I heard that it was caught around Rainbow Drive Resort off the bank. What a fish. 
    We have had a lots of rain this week. The lake is on the rise and around the 662 level at the time I wrote this. projections show it going to 665 by April 5th. That will be fairly accurate provided there is no more rain. With the lake rising that means the brush around the lake will be in the water. This should affect how you have to fish some. The water temperature is in the low to mid 50's around the lake. You can find some mid to higher 50's back in the creeks and pockets on a warm sunny day. We are expecting warmers temps for the next week or so. I would expect fishing to take off with the water temps rising. Below are the reports I have been getting and patterns that are normal for this time of year.

    One of our guides Del Colvin has offered to write a fishing report so here it is. —  Bass are leaving the wintering areas staging heading to pre spawn areas close to deep water. Channel sings and bluff ends. Single tail grubs, jerk baits, and flat sided crank baits are taking fish. The white bass are staging in the backs of the creeks in deeper flats 15 to 20 feet on the bottom. Small white single spins and a-rigs are worked slowly.


2015 – March 20th- fishing report –

 Hello everybody! I finally got off the road this week. I have been to 7 sport/boat shows in the last 3 months across the Midwest. I got to speak with some of you at these shows. Thanks for coming by the booth and saying HI.

  The water temp is in the mid to high 40's here at the marina and around the lake. The lake has been rising some with the rain and snow we have been getting this month. The visibility is still very good. The weather has been the normal up and down for the month of March. The temps hit in the 70's last weekend so there was a lot of fishing activity. There was bass and walleye caught at that time. We also had a tournament on Saturday and they caught plenty of fish. I believe 17 lbs won it.  Not much has changed yet for the fishing patterns. See below. As soon as the water warms up a few more degrees things should bust loose. Until then!


2015 – Jan- fishing report –

Hello everybody! I have been on the road working sport-boat-travel shows all of January. I got to visit with some of you readers along the way. Thank you for stopping and visiting with me at the booths I have been at. It makes it easier to write this knowing there are actually people that read it. 🙂 LOL. Anyway, I have a break this for a few days so I can update this. The lake is around normal level right now. The water temperature is in the low to mid 40's on the surface. Visibility looks okay standing on the dock. What a brutal winter!  It has been colder then normal here as I would guess its been that way where ever you live too. So, not much fishing going on in the lake. We people are fishing here is the reported patterns working.