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June 29th, 2017

Text version down below! (Closed Captioning also available on videos through Youtube. Just click the CC button!)

Text version  (Closed Captioning also available on videos through Youtube. Just click the CC button!)

Transcription from 5-17

Del said late last week that the lake is almost full. Right now they have 33 extra feet of water and it’s relatively clear unless you get in the backs of some of the creeks. Most of the debris is pushed up on the shores. You get a calm day, it will float out a little bit. Expectations were for the lake to crest last weekend. As it continues to fill up, the fishing is still good, but a little bit tougher on the bluebird days. As the lake starts to stabilize, the bass are post-spawn, some are starting to school up, and Del says he’s been catching more and more fish in the bushes. The Kentucky bass, the smallmouths, as the lake starts to crest and the Corps starts to generate more water; that will concentrate the Kentucky smallmouth bite out toward the points. Usually when there is generation, on the long points or secondary points coming out the fish will school up there pretty good. They can ambush the bait as the water starts pushing the bait fish over those points. 
On the bluebird days with no wind, it’s tough, but you’re still going to catch a few. Del says the best bet for those days is to go fish the old shoreline. Drag a tube around, keep the boat in that 40 feet of water. Cast up into the old bushes; the points are holding fish, the pockets have some fish, the sides of the pockets. You can use a Carolina rig, you can throw a jig in there. Del said he was using a half-ounce green pumpkin orange. Use something you can get down there and just drag it through those bushes: a C-rig with a Brush Hog, or a lizard, green pumpkin, green pumpkin orange, green pumpkin red, something like that. The water is somewhat stained up top, but once you get down on that old shoreline it’s clears up. Del said he’s usually using an 8-pound fluorocarbon on either the drop-shot or the tub rod for the finesse bite.
The largemouth bass seem to have moved up pretty good, he said. He’s caught some pretty shallow. They seem to be on those channel swing banks or the bluffy banks where you can get in close to the shoreline. You’ll have to do some running around, but if you can find those channel swing banks or the those long points that go out toward the main channel or close to a channel swing, those are going to hold some fish on them right now. Also, the backs of the creeks can be pretty good. If there is some flow in there and bait fish – bait fish is what Del has been keying on when here’s going into the backs of creeks – you’ll be covering an extra mile and sometimes 2 miles in the back of the creeks. Del suggests staying on the old creek bed (that’s indicated on maps or GPS), as the fish will relate to the old creek channel, using it as a highway. In the creeks, throw a square bill to cover some water. If you see surfacing fish, throw a buzzbait around. You’ll have to cover some water to find where the baitfish are, as they won’t be popping. You almost have to run your bait into them. If there is wind, though, that will help push them to one side. If there are vegetation mats, this offers the rare opportunity to flip. Anglers can punch through it with a beaver-style bait (such as a D Bomb). A lot of fish are going to be using the mats for shade.
Del said he’s also seeing the perch come up. He likes to use a Keitech bait for giving a finesse spinnerbait type presentation. If there is a little wind and clear water and you can’t quite throw a regular spinnerbait, this will help you cover some water. You can also throw a stick bait or fluke around, or a Senko-style bait. Look for the last piece of vegetation, the last tree sticking out, and fish seem to be stuck in it. And, lastly, Del says he’s had the most fun fishing lately with blades. When it’s windy and cloudy, go find a windy shoreline and throw a blade.

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